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Aaron Krebs

SAG (323) 327-8860 AFTRA
Height: 5’9 aaronkrebs@yahoo.com Hair: Brown
Weight: 160 Eyes: Dark Brown



Evil (Currently shooting. 7 episodes) Lead Dir. Matt Strokes

Caffe’ etc (Pilot. In production) Lead Dir. Chuck Braverman**

Damen Wayan’s Underground (Sketch) Principal SHOWTIME

Campus Ladies Co-Star OXYGEN

World Cup Comedy Principal PAX

Speedbag (Pilot) Principal Dir. Ben Rock

Casting Office (Pilot) Supporting Dir. Richard Sassin

Mission IMPROVable Live (Pilot) Principal Dir. Tim Gideon



Conscience (NY Film Fest) Principal Dir. Joe Gatto

Artistic License (LA Short Fest) Principal Dir. Michael Wohl

Delivery Principal Dir. Gene Beidl

Dead Decisions Principal Dir. George Xentiotis

La La Land Supporting Dir. George Zwierz

On Broken Wings Supporting Dir. Kevin Piepila


Lollapolooza Rock Fest (CHI) Alternative Stage Headliner Ensemble

**Mission IMPROVable (National, 1000+ Shows) National Touring Co. Ensemble

Second City (CHI) Second City Theater Writer/ Ensemble

I O West Rep Theater (LA) Improv Olympic Ensemble

Street Hawk (LA) Improv Olympic Ensemble

Comedy Sportz-Chicago (CHI) Turn Around Theater Ensemble

Only 90% Effective (TX) Velveeta Room Founder/Direct/Cast

Improv Festivals

Chicago Improv Festival, Orlando Fools Festival, Austin’s Big Stinking Improv Festival
National College Showcase Comedy Festival, LA Improv Festival, NYC Del Close Improv Fest…….Plus Others.

** Mission IMPROVable is a three time nominee for ‘Best College Circuit Comedy Act’.

Voice Over

Family Guy WALA FOX

American Pie V (DVD ,Voice of boner) Co-Star Dir. Joe Nussbaum

Super Bego (Pilot) Principal Dir. Eric Towner


Improv Olympic Chicago /LA (Performing/Teaching Currently)

Second City Conservatory

David Kagen School of Acting
University of Texas Austin- Theater Performance Training

ITA Workshop


Poker (Played in 06 World Series of Poker), Great Cook, Trivia Wiz, Wine Knowledge,
Bowling, Dialects, Characters, Conversational Spanish,
Softball, Baseball, Racquetball, Billiards, Film Degree-UMASS